Dog Grooming

Bichon waiting for attentio    barber 4Bichon after his clip





















Bath (includes groom and nail clip)


   short - medium coats

from $35

   long coats (not tangled)

from $55

   Flea Rinse (extra)


Clipping (includes bath, blow dry and nails)


   Clip small/medium dogs (i.e. poodles, CKC)

from $50

   Clip large dogs

from $60

   Nails trimmed only



These prices are for dogs with coats in good condition. I will do knotted/matted coats, but the price will vary as to the length of time taken. Arrangements can be made for collection/delivery of dogs, and if necessary dogs can be left for the day if owner is working. I have a hydrobath, with running hot and cold water for a clean rinse. Dogs are blow dried.